CowCat And The Quest For Ronnie CowCat And The Quest For Ronnie
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creeping forest
rattus territory
lake rana

This is not some random cat game

What's this about?

Help CowCat find his friend Ronnie back in this cartoon style shooter adventure for kids of all ages.

Unlock new levels, ammo and rage skills in Story mode and see how long you can last in Survival mode.

This game is great to play together with your kid(s).
The younger ones might need mommy or daddy to read the story for them.

CowCat is completely free to play, no strings attached.

Have fun!

Is the game finished?

CowCat and the quest for Ronnie is not finished at all.
The levels that are available are considered to be finished (but can still get some visual updates),
but there's so much more to tell about CowCat's adventure that there's just no end in sight.

Keep following and expect a couple of updates per year.

What's next for CowCat?

Now that the frog princess gave CowCat some good information on the whereabouts of
Ronnie, it's now time to cross Lake Rana.

Crossing the lake without any problems would be kind of dull, so there's going to be some combat.
This level will also introduce some new gameplay.
CowCat's health will now not be the only thing to keep an eye on.

And Then?

Then we're going in the mountain pass. And there'll be a dragon.
..and trolls.
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